Writing for Software Developers

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In my first year of writing technical content, I reached hundreds of thousands of readers around the world, met some of my role models, and made thousands of dollars. will help you on your way to doing the same.

What's Included

This guide is composed of three sections. First, I’ll walk you through the entire process of writing an article, from pitch to content, editing to publication. Then we’ll explore the process in action with breakdowns of three full-length sample articles. Finally, I’ll discuss the business of writing and how to turn your newfound confidence in the article-writing process into a profitable side gig or even full-time employment. An abridged audiobook narrated by Griffin Mareske is also included with your purchase.

Along the way, you’ll hear from successful members of the software and writing industries about their experience. And in addition to quotes embedded in the body of the book, full transcripts of all 11 expert interviews are included in the appendix.

Learn from the best.

Writing for Software Developers includes full transcripts of Q&As with the following:

  • Courtland Allen: Indie Hackers
  • Jeff Atwood: Coding Horror, Stack Overflow, Discourse
  • Chris on Code: scotch.io
  • Peter Cooper: Cooper Press
  • Angel Guarisma: Former Director of Content at Linode
  • Matt Levine: Money Stuff at Bloomberg
  • Mark McGranaghan: Go by Example
  • Patrick McKenzie: @patio11, Kalzumeus
  • Tracy Osborn: Hello Web Books
  • Daniel Vassallo: The Good Parts of AWS
  • Cassidy Williams: Former Speaker with React Training

Earn money, make connections, and get noticed.

I earn $250 to $500 per article when writing tutorials — and with a few projects, that money adds up. But money isn't the only reason to write. A portfolio of published writing can give you a leg up toward earning a raise, landing a new job, or reaching new clients or customers.

Practice a proven writing method.

outlines my own method for writing and developing technical articles that will earn you money and look great in a portfolio. By following the principles in this book, you will become a better writer — and practicing quality techniques like these will speed up your rate of improvement.

Level up your skills, wherever you use them.

focuses on teaching you how to envision, create, and publish mid-length technical tutorials and articles, but the principles and practices you’ll develop will help you write anything from a short README to an entire technical book. And regardless of why you write, this guide aims to provide you with the techniques you will need to reach your goals.

If you’ve read similar books on writing in other fields, many of the ideas in this book will seem surprising or even wrong. I wrote to teach you how to write complete, accurate, and compelling technical articles and tutorials, and how to sell your work to clients in a market that’s substantially different from those for short fiction, essays, recipes, journalism, or even informational articles on topics like personal finance and marketing.

Free Sample

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Free Sample Chapter: https://philipkiely.com/assets/files/wfsd_chapter1_sample.pdf

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What writing level is this book intended for?

is useful for writers with any amount of professional experience. For writers wanting to publish their first article, the book will provide clear step-by-step instruction on how to use the writing process I developed to create your own works. And for writers who already have experience publishing technical content, there are key insights into sharpening your already-developed strategies throughout the main text, as well as full transcripts of nuanced expert interviews.

How much programming experience should I have before reading this book?

Not as much as you might think. I started writing technical content as a junior in college, less than two years after I started programming. Many of the code examples I used in articles were based on projects that I had worked on much earlier in my journey toward becoming a software engineer.

What publication formats are available?

Your purchase of includes a PDF, EPUB, and MOBI of the ebook, as well as an audiobook narrated by Griffin Mareske as an MP3. The audiobook is 6 hours and 35 minutes long and does not include the appendices, images, or code snippets.

Can I share this book with my team?

If you purchase a single copy, please respect the license terms and do not distribute any copies. If you want to share the book with your team, company, or class, please purchase a team license. Academic and nonprofit organizations can contact me for fifty percent off a team license.

Is there a return policy?

I have a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy. If you don't like it, let me know and I’ll refund your money.

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Writing for Software Developers

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